Design living furniture? Yes, with Ronchi è Abitare

When we talk about the living area, we mean those areas of the house that are usually most lived in, where the most beautiful and important moments of life are spent. That is why it is equally important to value these spaces, to find the right designer living furniture that will enhance them in the best way possible and avoid ruining your every moment.

And how can we at Ronchi è Abitare do all this? By designing and choosing designer living furniture that is able to express the personality and style of those who live in it, as well as ensure comfort and functionality. In fact, our company is now a reference point for all those people who are looking for something special and at the same time sophisticated, offering a wide range of designer living room furniture compositions made with fine materials, innovative solutions and elegant style.

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What designer living furniture includes

One of the many other ways to call the living area is living room, living room, living area; so it comes naturally to think that what you will find are different types of products, such as sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, bookcases, wall units, cupboards, complements and accessories. Each product can be selected from the best Italian and international design brands, such as Poltrona Frau, Molteni&C, Poliform, Lago, Flou and many others.

Have you always wanted to have a spacious sofa for the whole family to sit comfortably? Or do you want to enjoy your space with your four-legged friend? Here, Ronchi’s designer living furniture is designed for meet the needs and tastes of each customer, both in terms of size, shapes, colors and finishes: each product is in fact customizable and modular, to create combinations that are always unique and original.The importance of customizable designer living furniture

The importance of customizable designer living furniture

What makes a living area a space filled with emotion? Your experience. An apartment is simply a house without the human component to give it a spirit. This is exactly the case with designer living furniture.

We could sit here and talk for hours about what the right concept of “designer living furniture” is, but the reality is that there is no single definition: there are people and their needs; there is a space tailor-made for you, with refined and modern taste.

Thus Ronchi’s designer living furniture adapts to any type of decor, from the most classic to the contemporary, creating harmonious, cozy and comfortable environments. These are the places where there is anatmosphere of warmth and well-being.

Designer living furniture: the experience of Ronchi è Abitare

If you need inspiration to create your living area, visit us in one of our showrooms: you can find us in Monza or Sesto San Giovanni. Here you will have a chance to study and observe our exhibition spaces designed with designer living furniture. Together we will have a way to design the space of your dreams.

One piece of advice we always like to give is to listen to your own needs, without being afraid to go a little bit further: it will be our experience then to guide you and give you the advice when you need it.

Choosing the best designer living furniture for you we know it is an important choice, but what we want to do and make you push beyond your imagination, surpassing even our exhibition spaces: play with your imagination and let’s bring to life together the living area you’ve always wanted, or haven’t thought you could imagine yet.

Do you already have an idea about your designer living furniture? Then contact us and let’s start your project now!